Specialized waste water treatment Plant for end-to-end solutions of wastewater management

Industrial wastes are savage for the environment as well as human health! All industries need to follow the guidelines of treating the industrial wastewater before dispensing to the surface water. The wastewaters produced from different industries contain toxic components, sludge as well as solid matters which are harmful...

by Anita

March 7, 2019


Oil extraction machine price in India

Krofta engineering, is a leading manufacturer of world largest supplier of oil extraction machine and deal in good prices in India. Exports a wide range of products oil mill machinery, Refinery Plant, and Solvent Plant in India. With the team of experienced employee, and skilled labour, we make sure to offer better quality products at most competitive price in least time....

by Anita

April 16, 2019


Carbon Black Processing Plant

Carbon black is an anhistic type of carbon, the black powder are in light and soft. It is generating from organism that decomposed after suffering from high temperature according to condition of deficiency of air....

by Anita

April 22, 2019


Automobile Workshop Tools Equipment

Every vocational mechanic knows that repair your vehicle without the right automotive workshop equipment like- automotive diagnostic equipment, automotive control system, and fuel injector tester and so on is impossible...

by Anita

April 23, 2019