Specialized waste water treatment Plant for end-to-end solutions of wastewater management

Industrial wastes are savage for the environment as well as human health! All industries need to follow the guidelines of treating the industrial wastewater before dispensing to the surface water. The wastewaters produced from different industries contain toxic components, sludge as well as solid matters which are harmful. Removal of these effluents from wastewater will lessen the negative impacts.

Specialized wastewater treatment machinery helps the industrial units to treat the wastewater and turn it reusable rather than dispensing it to the surface water. High-grade machinery will get the job done affluently. If you require installing wastewater treatment equipment at your industrial unit, contact Kroft Engineering Limited.

Contact the global leader for unmatched DAF technology for wastewater treatment solutions

Kroft Engineering is a global leader in the industry of developing advanced DAF technology. We have world-class engineers and guarantee to provide end-to-end solutions meeting the customer’s requirements of wastewater management. We design, manufacture, and market the broadest range of wastewater treatment equipment of various sizes.

How we meet the varying requirements of different industrial units?

Potable water contains chlorine and several other organic compounds that reduce the productivity of the machines and affects the manufacturing process. Employ customized Activated Carbon Filter at your industrial unit for removing organic compounds and extracting free chlorine from water. We specially design the industrial filtration systems enabling high-tech filtration with varying characteristics for excellent performance.

We design Corrugated and Tilted Plate Separators to offer economical removal of solids and oils from the wastewater. The principle of tilted and corrugated plate separators based on the difference in the specific gravity between the two phases of liquid. The best design of our machine with multiple layers of separation reduces the surface area requirement.

Our engineers design the effective machines for sedimentation for allowing the particles in water to settle down under the effect of gravity. Sludge removal is an effective process in wastewater treatment which reduces the concentration of particles and coagulation of chemicals and purifies the water. We customize the machines to meet the requirements of the industrial space. You also have the option to select from the varying sizes.

If you are looking for the best process for water clarification applications in your paper industry, the Supercell clarifier designed by our designers will affluently meet your requirements. We have clarifiers of different sizes with excellent functionalities. Place the order for the best grade clarifiers and witness the credibility of our incredible products!

We also design and manufacture Sedicell clarifier with robust features allowing effective removal of floatable and settable solids from the potable water ensuring high clarity. Within 30-40 minutes, the flocculated solids float on the surface while the solid particles settle down at the bottom and discharge the clear water into an adjustable weir.

by Anita

March 7, 2019