Wastewater treatment equipment of Kroftaengineering

Since the establishment of industrial plants, all industry owners are facing the problem of treating wastewater produced during the refining of oil or production of other products. Effluents from these industries contain different harmful and toxic chemicals and should not be dumped directly into open. They first need to be treated properly using dissolved air flotation DAF mechanism before dumping.

Kroftaengineering has developed an entire setup for the dissolved air flotation method which is totally designed with the scientific method and equipped with modern technologies, keeping in mind total removal of solid and oil particles from the effluents. In the setup consisting of a big tank, a shaft and a motor which rotates the shaft, air needs to be dissolved under high pressure into the wastewater leading to the formation of air bubbles which causes the solid particles and minute oil droplets to with them on the surface. From the surface, they can be easily taken away with a skimmer.

Harmful effects of wastewater on our health

Waste water should be treated properly using this mechanism before dumping them. If dumped without treatment they cause severe damage to the environment, organisms, including human beings leading to dangerous diseases and health issues. Therefore, it becomes necessary to properly treat waste water before dumping, ensuring zero damage to the environment. By treating wastewater we can ensure sustainable industrial growth while causing minimal damage to the environment.

TPI-CPI Oil-water separator

Our next product which is very popular is TPI-CPI Oil water separator. This separator is very efficient in removing oil particles from the effluents. Oil particles which are not removed during the dissolved air flotation method are finally removed in this separator. CPI which stands for Corrugated Plate Interceptors is a cost-effective process to treat oil particles in wastewater produced in petrochemicals and oil refineries.

If you too are worried about the treatment of wastewater from your industries you can consult A leading provider of TPI-CPI Oil-water separator. Our products meet international standards and are globally recognized. Visit our website or call us at (+91)-11-47242500 for wastewater treatment equipment.

by Anita

Sep 24, 2019